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Klamath Project canal

Contact Information: Paul Simmons, Executive Director (916)-769-6685 Last night, Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) filed its opposition with a federal court to a motion filed the Yurok Tribe and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association that was filed May 13.  The tribe’s motion requests that the court re-open a lawsuit that was put on…

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In the Worst of Times, We Celebrate the 115th Anniversary of the Klamath Project

The family farms and ranches in the Klamath Project face unimaginable hardship. This year  may be the worst ever for Klamath Project producers. They are saddled with a severe lack of irrigation water, cruel uncertainty, and COVID-19 impacts on themselves, the workforce and markets. They are chastised and regulated based on frightening misunderstandings of who…

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Klamath In Peril

Dust storm in the Klamath Basin

Ty Kliewer, Klamath Irrigation District Board President and local rancher, sent a well-written letter to Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt. We think this letter and the Ty’s essay do a great job of summing up the feelings of everyone who works in or is associated with Klamath Ag. Please take a few minutes to…

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Klamath Project Update – May 8, 2020

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KLAMATH PROJECT WATER UPDATE This is what we know at 9 pm on May 8 about the Klamath Project water supply from Upper Klamath Lake for irrigation in 2020. There is information circulating in the community that there will be a drastic reduction, from the amount announced in April, of the amount of irrigation water…

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Current Klamath Project Supply as we Understand it

Memo from Paul SimmonsExecutive Director of Klamath Water Users Association Current Klamath Project Supply as we Understand itThere is great uncertainty and conflicting information regarding the availability of water from Upper Klamath Lake for irrigation.   It is critical that Klamath Project irrigators understand these two points: 1.      As of now, the previously-announced Project Supply…

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