New Court Ruling Could Prevent Curtailments of Irrigation in Upper Klamath Lake Tributaries

sprinkler in a field, Klamath Basin, Oregon

Download a PDF copy of this Advisory Release ADVISORY RELEASE February 25, 2020 Contact Information: Paul Simmons, KWUA Executive Director (916) 769-6685 [email protected] New Court Ruling Could Prevent Curtailments of Irrigation in Upper Klamath Lake Tributaries On February 24, the Klamath County Circuit Court issued significant rulings in the Klamath Basin water rights adjudication. The…

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Stepping out of the comfort zone on Klamath River management

Two salmon in a river

Mark Johnson, Klamath Water Users Association Klamath Project irrigators have long been stewards of the land and care deeply about the fisheries and migratory bird populations that call the Klamath Basin home. Over the last 20 years, the management regime of “send more water” down river has become gospel. Unfortunately, no one has demonstrated that…

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WaterWorks- February 2021

WaterWorks February 2021 By Klamath Water User Association

Navigating a mess (again): Klamath Project 2021 operations and water supply Under the best of circumstances, it can be difficult to keep track of what the Klamath Project water supply will be and why. Now is an unusually complicated time. The bottom line for Klamath Project irrigators and wildlife refuges is that 2021 looks very…

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WaterWorks- January 2021

WaterWorks January 2021 By Klamath Water User Association

POWER COSTS DECREASED FOR KLAMATH BASIN IRRIGATORS IN OREGON On January 1, power costs for irrigators in the Klamath and Lost River Basins in Oregon dropped by 3.0 percent. The reduction is welcome, especially given that Pacific Power had requested last February that the OPUC approve a ten percent increase in base rates for irrigation.…

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Emergency Use Permit Application Processing

Oregon Water Resources Department

ORS 536.700-780 and OAR 690-019-0040(1) authorize the Director, after the Governor declares that a severe, continuing drought exists, to issue emergency-use permits to replace water not available under an existing right because of the drought.  Each application must be for use in a designated drought area. Click here for Permit application and Processing. Below is…

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