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Failed Water Policy To Shut Down Klamath Basin Food Production for 2nd Consecutive Year

Dry Canal on Klamath Irrigation Project

FAILED FEDERAL WATER POLICY WILL SHUT DOWN KLAMATH BASIN FOOD PRODUCTION FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  APRIL 11, 2022  Contact Information Paul Simmons  (916) 769-6685 psimmons@somachlaw.com The federal government announced today that it will deprive highly fertile farms and ranches in the Klamath Basin of irrigation water necessary to produce food this…

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Photo of Klamath Basin row crop field

KLAMATH WATER USERS ASSOCIATION APPLAUDS USDA’S ANNOUNCED FUNDING RELIEF Klamath Water Users Association expressed strong support and appreciation for today’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announcement of financial relief for Klamath Project irrigators who have been deprived of Klamath Project water this year. USDA will contract with the Klamath Project Drought Response Agency (KPDRA) to…

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Black and White photo of a Klamath County dust storm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 12, 2021 Contact Information:Paul Simmons, KWUA Executive Director and Counsel(916) 769-6685psimmons@somachlaw.com KLAMATH WATER USERS ASSOCIATION: “WORST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE KLAMATH PROJECT” Klamath Water Users Association today expressed grave disappointment with the announcement by the Bureau of Reclamation that no water is to be diverted at A Canal for irrigation…

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KWUA 2021 Operations Meeting

If you were not able to attend today’s 2021 Operations Meeting, below you will find video to the meeting as well as the materials that were handed out to folks who were able to attend. Having problems watching the video on this page? Try watching it on the Klamath Falls News’ Facebook video of the…

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Klamath Project Water Availability from Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath River

Dry ditch in Poe Valley, Klamath County, OR.

KO-300 MAR 12 20212.2.4.22 (WTR-4.00)VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL AND USPS Paul Simmons, Executive DirectorKlamath Water Users Association2312 South Sixth Street, Suite AKlamath Falls, OR 9760 Subject: Klamath Project Water Availability from Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath River Dear Mr. Simmons: This letter is to notify you that water is currently unavailable from Upper Klamath Lake…

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Emergency Use Permit Application Processing

ORS 536.700-780 and OAR 690-019-0040(1) authorize the Director, after the Governor declares that a severe, continuing drought exists, to issue emergency-use permits to replace water not available under an existing right because of the drought.  Each application must be for use in a designated drought area. Click here for Permit application and Processing. Below is…

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Klamath Project Update – May 8, 2020

Klamath Water Users Association header

KLAMATH PROJECT WATER UPDATE This is what we know at 9 pm on May 8 about the Klamath Project water supply from Upper Klamath Lake for irrigation in 2020. There is information circulating in the community that there will be a drastic reduction, from the amount announced in April, of the amount of irrigation water…

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Current Klamath Project Supply as we Understand it

Memo from Paul SimmonsExecutive Director of Klamath Water Users Association Current Klamath Project Supply as we Understand itThere is great uncertainty and conflicting information regarding the availability of water from Upper Klamath Lake for irrigation.   It is critical that Klamath Project irrigators understand these two points: 1.      As of now, the previously-announced Project Supply…

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2020 Annual Operations Plan & Drought Plan

IntroductionThe Klamath Project (Project) delivers water for irrigation and related purposes to approximately 230,000 acres in southern Oregon and northern California. This 2020 Operations Plan (Plan) describes Project operations that are anticipated to occur during the 2020 spring-summer irrigation season (March 1 to November 30), based upon current and projected hydrologic conditions. The Plan is…

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