This Is Klamath Ag

Cover of the Bureau of Reclamation's 2023 Klamath Project Annual Operations Plan

Klamath Irrigation Project 2023 Operations Plan

On April 13th, the Bureau of Reclamation announced its allocation for the Klamath Project's 2023 irrigation season, which occurs between ...
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Tricia Hill with her grandmother, mother, and daughters, all of whom are Klamath Basin woman farmers

Klamath Basin Women In Ag: Not A Footnote In History

Tricia, with her Grandma Betty, her mom Jan, and her daughters Rory & Mari This piece was written by Tricia ...
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Shut Down Rally Underscores the Plight of Basin Agriculture

Shut Down & Fed Up Rally Underscores the Plight of Basin Agriculture

On May 29, thousands of people – farm and ranch families, the local community, friends and supporters from other areas, ...
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Water Users Oppose Yurok Tribe Request for Flow Increases

In the Worst of Times, We Celebrate the 115th Anniversary of the Klamath Project

The family farms and ranches in the Klamath Project face unimaginable hardship. This year  may be the worst ever for ...
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