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Advocating For Our Members

Position 1
KWUA Board Members: Brad Kirby & Kraig Beasly

Klamath Water User Association

Position 2
KWUA Board Members: Jerry Enman & Gene Souza

Irrigation District will hold an election by mail
For the purpose of electing a person to the board of directors on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.
The election by mail will be for one director position, representing Division
Second of the five divisions in the District. The following candidates are eligible for election.

Division Second: Generally South & East of Old Midland Road & Tingley Lane Intersection, South of
East-West line of Lost River Diversion Channel from Tingley Lant to Hwy 39 & North of Matney Way.

Jerry A Enman – Incumbent Candidate
Rodney Cheyne – Candidate

Three year position until December 31, 2024

The polling locations for Division Second will be the Klamath
Irrigation District office located at 6640 KID Ln, Klamath Falls, OR.

The polling location will be open from 7am to 8pm on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.
A member of Klamath irrigation District, who is a qualified elector, residing and/or owning
land from Division Second is eligible to vote for the director from that division.

Please contact the KID office at 541-882-6661, located at 6640 KID Ln, K Falls to determine your voting eligibility.

Klamath Water User Association

Position 3
KWUA Board Members: Luther Horsley & Tracey Liskey




Position 4
KWUA Board Members: Ty Kliewer & Mike Byrne

Klamath Water User Association

Shasta View ID & Malin ID

Position 5
KWUA Board Members: Rob Unruh & Ryan Hartman

Klamath Water User Association

Poe Valley ID

Position 6
KWUA Board Members: Jared Kerr & Josh DeJong

Klamath Water User Association

Van Brimmer, Westside & Sunnyside ID

Position 7
KWUA Board Members: Marc Staunton & Mike McKoen

Klamath Water User Association

District of Ady & Pioneer District

Position 8
KWUA Board Members: Jason Flowers & Alt Postition vancant

Klamath Water User Association

Klamath Basin Improvement

Position 9
KWUA Board Members: Ryan Kliewer & Rodney Cheyne

Klamath Water User Association


Position 10
KWUA Board Members: Tricia Hill & Jeff Boyd

Rob Unruh potatoes 2017
Ady canal- township rd


Position 11
KWUA Board Members: Ben DuVal & Justin Grant