Oregon Water Resources Department Groundwater Interference Form for Klamath Basin Dry Wells

If you live in Oregon, below is the information to file a complaint with OWRD

With the Klamath Basin's ongoing drought, domestic groundwater wells have been going dry. By shutting down the Klamath Project, water that would have recharged domestic wells has been unavailable, furthering the pain our community is experiencing.

If you live in Oregon, you can file a complaint with the Oregon Water Resources Department. Below is a link to the form that needs to be submitted, along with a memorandum that explains what groundwater well interference is, as well as how to file a complaint with the local Watermaster that serves our part of Klamath County (Area 17).

After a complaint is filed, the Watermaster's office will research your water rights as well as information about the groundwater in your area to decide whether or not an onsite visit is necessary. Regardless of whether or not a site visit is needed, your concerns will be tracked. If groundwater interference is found, the Watermaster's office will mitigate a solution for the affected parties.

Please be sure to read the memorandum and instructions for filling out the form. The form is intended to be completed by the local Watermaster, Danette Watson (541-883-4182). You can click on the image below to be taken to the Groundwater Well Interference Complaint Form, which is in a PDF format.